👋 Hi, I'm Justas

Currently, I am:

Building A Game Name TBD

Prototyping Games

Notable Projects:

In a Game Wherein You are preparing to play a game 2020, Ludum Dare 46

VTT Enhancement Suite Improve Roll20, Chrome & Firefox 2018 - now

Who's this guy

I'm Justas Dabrila 🙂. I do ⚙️ systems programming, 🖥️ webdev, 🎮 game development and, sometimes, 🎹 🎨 everything in-between.
🔗 I'm on Twitter Itch GitHub
📧 You can also email me! Just piece this together: com@justasdabrila.gmail
If you want to buy me a coffee or give me money, you can ☕ here (Patreon & PayPal)!

🎹 Some Things I've Made/Been a Part of (including the awful ones)

2021-09-20 Shader recursive kaleidoscope
2021-08-19 Music seq 21 08 19
2021-07-xx Game Crime Time (with friends)
2021-04-05 header just-json
2021-02-25 Tweetcart pico8 thing
2021-02-13 Tweetcart pico8 fire
2021-01-28 Puzzle Ahoist Cratey (as part of thinkycollective)
2020-12-05 Shader Music Visualizer
2020-12-02 Shader Mandelbrot variable warping
2020-07-31 Puzzle Dr Jelly and Mr Slime (as part of thinkycollective)
2020-06-12 Puzzle Two Slitherlinks 2
2020-05-26 Puzzle Two Slitherlinks
2020-04-13 Game In a Game Wherein
2020-02-01 Game Strange Warehouse
2020-xx-xx Game Hexinfer
20xx-xx-xx Program VTT Enhancement Suite
2019-10-08 Game Snake Sokoban Spiral
2019-xx-xx Article worldgen, seeds issue 4
2019-09-29 Game Visionban
2019-09-27 Program C coroutines
2019-09-21 Game height
2019-09-20 Game breakout
2019-09-13 Game book
2019-09-07 Game pull
2019-09-01 Game tetris-fill
2019-xx-xx Program nimblefox
2019-07-24 Music sax satb
2019-06-24 Program turns
2019-06-xx Program visually pleasing glsl shaders
2019-03-24 A Mess vim disable arrow keys
2019-03-02 Video Reverse engineering GameMaker DRM
2019-03-02 Video Reverse engineering Hotline Miami 2 DRM
2019-02-01 Disaster cyboogie extreme stu closeups
2019-01-13 Music attb
2019-01-06 Program grappler
2019-01-01 Game dont waste jams
2018-xx-xx Program MPD Discord Rich Presence
2018-12-31 Music reaction
2018-12-25 Music more strings
2018-12-24 Music harpsichord
2018-12-23 Music enzo sketch
2018-12-04 Program spriteatlas
2018-11-29 Music 2
2018-09-04 Program roll20auth
2018-05-08 Program cpphotload
2018-04-25 Demo square synths & square scenery
2018-03-22 Music saw_doom
2017-xx-xx Program Vermintide LUA Hook
2017-xx-xx Program C# Runescape Server
2017-xx-xx Program OpenTerrariaClient
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